Audio Video Recovery Systems

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We Are All About Damaged Video Recovery

AVRS specializes in damaged video recovery and salvaging legacy formats of video footage. Our many years of experience have taught us that repair of the recorder is only one facet of recovering lost footage. Often, it is the damaged footage itself that requires attention and repair.

As technicians, we're in a unique position to also identify problems with your video equipment. In addition, we can modify our own equipment for playback to achieve the best results possible. We work hard to provide the results you need through our damaged video recovery process.

Who We Help

  • Schools, hospitals, universities, and government agencies have all benefited from our maintenance, restoration, and upgrading of extensive audio/video libraries and archives.
  • Police and fire professionals with surveillance tapes, audio/video evidence, and accident reconstruction.
  • Legal professionals and law firms with surveillance, evidence, and depositions.
  • Videographers with the enhancement or recovery of damaged production footage.
  • Producers with timely format transfers and duplication.
  • Private industries with instructional tapes and sales materials, in either video or audio format.